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MTB stands for mountain terrain biking. Biking or the common term cycling has been the mode of transportation since the 1480 when Italian engineer introduced the first form of cycling. Bicycle is basically a human power wheeled vehicle. Rovers introduced the modern bicycle with gears in 1885. It is one machine whose design has not changed in many centuries. Cycling was invented as a mode of transportation because not everyone could afford a horse or cart, and was mostly meant to be ride on roads. But all this changed in 1970s when Joe Breezer and Charlie Kelly with group of friends started riding their bicycle in the hills of Marin County California that had no roads but trails and dirt, and hence the birth of the term Mountain Biking. The first mountain biking race was organized in 1976 in Mount Tamalpais, Marin County California. We have come a long way from the early days of MTB in Marin County. Millions around the world now ride MTB. There are MTB races all over the world and the biking industry has come up with more modern capable bikes to tackle all kinds of terrains. MTB has overtime evolved into further different categories depending on the style of riding and the terrain on which it’s ridden. They are – cross-country (XCO), cross-country marathon (XCM), Downhill (DH) and Enduro.


MTB Enduro: This format has various stages on which the riders will have to compete against time. The riders need to get to the start of each stage under their own steam and set a timeframe. The times on the stages add up to represent the overall competition. Each rider will be given a start time for each stage.


MTB XC: Unlike downhill races, which are conducted in time trial format, cross- country races traditionally feature a mass start or interval start, where riders are released in several large groups divided by age and/or ability. Races with very large fields that do not wish to stagger starts will sometimes employ a Le Mans start where racers begin by running to their bikes.


What bikes can be used?

MTB Enduro: A full suspension bike or a Hardtail with full-faced helmets.

MTB XC: A XC bike with a regular helmet.





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